Fallout Online

Editorial: What can you say about the armor? It will go sets or segments? And will give armor additional bonuses beyond those that were in the original? Cvet: Armor will be like in the original. Editorial: How will working tools? It is based on slots? Or it will be an endless pocket, as was the original? Cvet: As in the original. Capacity limited weight and volume of an item. Editorial: Will there be reworked ai npc? Will they live their lives? Cvet: ‘Life’ npc will be brought to the level of the original series, that is, for example, the boys would run down the street, muttering about the heavy drug users fate and sellers to close shops at night, etc. Editorial: How to change graphics in the game relative to what it was in Fallout 2. Cvet: Not for many, will remain the same. Editorial: Will the redesigned system special? Cvet: While changes spoke only to adapt the system to the battles in real time, other improvements / treatment is not planned yet.

Editorial: Will introduce new skills and perks? Cvet: No Skills, Perks, yes. Editorial: You plan to change the creation of character or leave everything as it was in the original? Cvet: The difference from the original in that the fonlayn will not be ready to choose your character (such as Max Stone, Natalie Albert, Nargen, Mingala, Chitsa), and will have to create yourself. Revision: Will I be able to sit down, lie down, climb up somewhere in the game? Cvet: No, these actions do not make the animation in the game does not provide multi-layered. Editorial: Will there be factions, clans. If so, whether the opportunity transfer coordinate character in trouble the rest of the faction (clan). The medicine contains sildenafil citrate as amerikabulteni.com tadalafil 40mg functional element which helps to improve blood circulation and hence stop premature ejaculation. cheapest levitra check address So the derivation may surprise some and shock others. These herbs cure the disease by attacking the root of skin or sex related problems that are getting quite common even among canada cialis from the youngsters. They work with people suffering from mental, physical, developmental and emotional conditions. cialis fast delivery amerikabulteni.com Cvet: Clan / faction / etc players will not be supported by the engine, so that they are free to decide for themselves how they choose to notify one another about what happened distress. Editorial: Will there be a game of military equipment (tanks, armored personnel carriers) Cvet: Parking will be expanded, but this does not mean that every second would be to have a car, transportation will be in short supply. Editorial: Will the bp with respect to what was on the MBT-2? And will apply some action to those who do not pay for replication? Cvet: Will, but the essence remains the same.

Hell this is one of the measures. Editorial: Is it likely that we will see MBT-3 new cities and locations? Cvet: Yes, of course, themselves. Robotics brings even more insight to the discussion. More abandoned bases, Special encounters. Their qualitative and quantitative content depends on the work of screenwriters. Editorial: If it can be another issue of privacy. Do you have girl (his wife) and how it relates to the fact that you pay to all his free time developing Fallout Online? Cvet: Yes, wife. Initially negative, but now more loyal accustomed. Editorial: And in the end You could name the exact date of the MBT-3? Cvet: No, it is still is not known.