-The case is that we have been provided this morning to another customer who needed it, and clear, if you had told us, we would have here, you would have called before. -No entiendo nothing, I want to talk with the head of the dealership, I want to make a claim. -Claim, claim, without problem I speak with the boss, and after battling with him, that bring my car. I’m going to pay the Bill, and I find another surprise. – And these twenty euros? -Are by the custody service, since we have taken care of your car. Or how much would cost perhaps have it in a parking lot? I pay the Bill, and I’m going on there quickly, until another thing why charge me comes to mind.

I pinch me to see if I’m dreaming, or all this is real, do incredible? seems to me to be so incredible This implausible is not as extraordinary as it seems, the only thing I’ve done is change the sector of application. What would happen if we apply it to the Bank? I charge for the budget? They have commissions study of open operation, and if I do transactions over the Internet, in which I do not give them work, but that I do? Also, of course, though they are usually different tariffs, they can collect simply by having the service of electronic banking available for making transfers, etc. I just put the car and I want to take, and they want to charge me. In banking, it can happen. For example, income money at eleven and one minute.

Then I leave the Bank and am going to a cafe with wifi, and thence ordered a transfer from my account (which paid me the corresponding Commission, of course). The root of this condition is sometime like this viagra cialis online associated with cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, unbalanced blood pressure, abuse of substance/alcohol/smoking, nervous system disorder, injury to male penile weakness. Besides, it improves your overall sexual health. levitra viagra baratas Improper blood circulation is one among the main causes of reproductive disorders viagra online stores can be well cured by consuming herbal fertility pills. Equally, there is no such thing as a any dot on the reputation of Pharm4all when it comes prescription viagra uk to sex. It will be that the money entered after eleven will have a date the next day value, and therefore will appear as that he had no balance to today (in assessment) by which will I be charged the corresponding Commission. I have not warned! I wanted to get my money that I’ve entered in the Bank; and as it was a relatively important number, I had to have them notified time. This is the coefficient of box, as I have already commented on occasion, which he defines in some way how much cash should have the banks being related. So if someone wants to remove a substantial sum of money, even if you have that balance in the account, must notify, since obviously they do not have all their customers money saved in the safe. And in relation to the coefficient of box, although it is my money, use it to lend it and do business. But not happy with it (and with me paying little or nothing for leaving it there), I charge for custody, for example, a Commission of maintenance. To claim, claim, told me the person that I was attending. It is well known that we must fight much in order to recover a fee charged by a financial institution. How you won’t be so, if they have the Pan by the handle. To collect it, as they already handle accounts, make the post relevant and ready. Pay it, undo, should be more complicated (Note: in this case there is also the possibility of a claim against the Bank of Spain, which attracts thousands each year). To that in the financial sector it history now doesn’t it seem so incredible? Original author and source of the article.