It was already known that a future advertising would be different to as it is now established that, despite money being spent so much to make it and publish it in some public and mass channel, is only interested in a certain part of the population. The solution? scan to each person and display advertising based on their interests, thus, achieve a greater effectiveness. Japan is already making doing something similar with a pilot project in the vicinity of the Tokyo subway, where various cameras scanned that person and detect your age and gender to display a more useful and appropriate advertising as well. This technology of Digital Signage Consortium it costs one second the previous data were collected and is made only to display advertising (i.e., the company does not with end-of-record, and only want to demographic data) which in principle is showing as a pilot project in Japan, is possible that you can end up extending to other countries so that advertising has more results and are not interested only to a small part of the population. It is obvious, that systems like these, APAs will have to evolve much more to show what that person really wants to see.