Computer Boxes

In the market there are varied types of boxes of computer, which help to meet the needs of customers. However when you select a good choice, should take into account the following parameters that make computer boxes differ. We do clearly, about what are boxes of computer, by which in other countries are called in another way. Computer boxes are those where are stored the devices or hardware of the computer, such as hard drive, motherboard, memory, CD and DVD drives among others. You also receive the name of chassis, Tower and although it is wrong to some people call you CPU. So you require it?, it is important that you define before anything, so that will give you, because depending on this you can vary your choice.

Computer boxes, while they have a design and basic mechanism that is common to all, this may vary from hanging if you will use the computer as a server, a desktop computer, or perhaps a computer with purely business purposes. What kind of? technology will you use on your computer?, this refers to whether the technology is AT or ATX, the first is only used on older computers, because the modern come with technology ATX, this aspect is important because if you want to change your old PC box, it will be better that I first cerciore of what you really need. If you should use a computer ATX with technology AT case, then your computer will turn not on. The size of your computer case. In the market you can get different sizes, and not why none is better than another, this depends solely on the use you intend to make of the computer, for example there is a range called boxes of computer SLIM, that are characterized by being very thin and with very modern designs, likewise, are conventional computer boxes. Cooling mechanism, this is perhaps one of the most important aspects when selecting any commercially available computer boxes, because of the temperature that you keep inside the box can be a good or bad job of devices that therein are, to achieve efficient use of all resources is necessary to keep a room temperature in every part of the computer case. There are various ways to keep fan cooled.

The most common is the use of fans and exhaust fans, who placed strategically allow warm air out and fresh air. However there are other methods, as the water which consists of small hoses which circulates fresh water and with ASI temperatures. (the latter method is certainly much more efficient). Color of the computer case, this even though it is not so important, plays an important role in the decoration, today there are all colors, including transparent computer boxes. Andy Florance might disagree with that approach. It is also important to keep in mind if the selected box comes as part of a Kit of products, sometimes it is frequent to buy the box, speakers, Mouse and keyboard, in addition to saving costs everything is aesthetically uniform. Original author and source of the article