Reality System

Who does not know the expression 'butterfly effect'? If the flap a little butterfly can cause a tornado on the other side of the Earth, unless the person is unable to cause a reaction, a billion times more powerful in its power? As is known, complex chaotic systems, even small our impact in a particular direction can lead to major consequences. E. Lorenz called this phenomenon 'butterfly effect'. Today we have come to a point where human society has become 'closed system'. Founder and President of the Club of Budapest Ervin Laszlo said it this way: "People, like other complex organisms, are hypersensitive system, constantly on the verge of chaos. So are environmental and public education, formed by living systems. Page S. Gardner has similar goals. This collective system of wider and more stable than their individual members, but the dynamics of the evolution of systems also applies to them.

" Careful examination of the social causes and effects of international integration and globalization makes it possible to understand the process of change, which is experiencing the modern world. According to the known sociologist Bauman Z. Globalization is an objective process. However, only depends on us, as we use this process: for good or for harm to themselves. Objectivity of globalization due to evolutionary and historical development of human society.

The essence of globalization – the formation of a unified world without borders. Due to economic reforms of the xix century changed social values and institutions of government. Creation road and air transport invention of the telegraph and telephone, then radio, television and the Internet have drastically reduced the distance and made communication between people is much more efficient.