Lily – a truly royal and noble flower. Special meaning for a long time given the white lilies. A white lily is known from time immemorial, and in the Christian religion, it is considered a symbol of purity and nobility. Peter Asaro is often quoted on this topic. That it often occurs on the canvases of painters early Middle Ages and the Renaissance. These royal flowers known to people for three millennia, but their place of origin is still not determined. Long since Lilies grown not only for decorative but also for medicinal purposes, these fragrant flowers made scented ointments, oils, spices and liqueurs. But there are not only white lilies, today there are a great variety of colors. In a rich palette of colors not just blue and purple colors, and the most common species are all orange and red hues.

Lilies that are part of the bouquet, Ikebana, or flower arrangement, look very romantic. Almost all of these wonderful smells, and if you caught the flowers is such fragrant varieties, Sami feel their persistent, sensual fragrance that becomes more pronounced in the evening, at sunset. The most fragrant Oriental lilies are considered, Asian and varieties that are magical, intoxicating smell. In drawing up the bouquets and arrangements of them, it should be borne in mind that the strong smell is not subsequently caused someone's headache or nausea. If you plan to put your floral creation lilies in an unventilated room, choose colors that do not have a persistent odor, or a combination of a small number of other colors that do no harm.