Thyme – Male Friend

Thyme has many, including local names, among which the most famous thyme. Also, it is called the Mother of God with grass (on the day of the Assumption Orthodox decorated thyme Mother of God). In Ancient Greece thyme called incense and it was used by priests during their komlany, divination. A wreath of thyme considered a symbol of fertility. Later, the tradition of the ancient Greeks pokomlat intercepted European wizards and witches, Slavic healers.

Thyme gave the properties to protect from damage, evil spirits and other evil spirits. Both living and dead (the body of the deceased in a coffin in some regions of the Caucasus thyme). As during the (sewn up in amulets), and during sleep (the pillow). Used thyme in love magic. In many Russian provinces thyme recognized as a universal cure almost everything. Its effect is due to its constituent essential oils, tannins, organic acids. Ancient and modern witches enchanted thyme is its essential oil, are on sale now at any pharmacy.

By the way this oil has a strong antiseptic and relaxing effect. In folk and official medicine thyme found the most diverse applications. Thyme – excellent germicide, besides, he has also anticonvulsant, sedative, soothing, healing and anthelminthic action. There is a Thyme and traces of vitamins. But it is important that the sage has no contraindications, unlike most plants, for example, the same St. John's wort, which can not be take a long time (alkaloids can harm the liver). Thyme does not replace the treatment of respiratory diseases.