During this year, most airports have to adopt new, more stringent standards of the transport of liquids in hand luggage of passengers planes. What's all the same may be carried in hand luggage? To date have this question become very problematic, and it introduces many to a standstill. Different airports set their own rules for the transport of liquids in hand luggage, and to understand them is extremely difficult. Luckily, most airports have chosen to towards the adoption of common international rules for hand baggage and security regulations. In the first carry certain types of liquids were banned in 2006, when an attempt was made Bringing a explosives aboard aircraft, carrying out trans-Atlantic flight from the uk.

Immediately after the incident were taken to tighten the rules of the transport of liquids and Each refill lasts up to board the aircraft, many of which are still, and most of the airports in the world adopted the Protocol on "Management of transport security in the United States" (Sokrashenno tsa in English). In accordance with these regulations, the following restrictions: It is forbidden to transport liquid any kind of volumes exceeding 100 ml, except for food for babies (including milk) and medication with prescriptions from a doctor. It is also forbidden to include most household and vital items such as: water, lighters, gum, hand cream, perfume, toothpaste, deodorant and so on. fluid. Allowed the liquid in the containers, volume not exceeding 100 ml. They need to put in a plastic bag with zipper, and the total volume liquids should not exceed 1 liter. Most airports in Asia have already introduced similar rules of safety.

No exception and is the newest airport in the world Suvarnabhumi, located in Bangkok. For the majority of passengers who traveled to Asian regon, and directly to Bangkok, the new rules were a complete surprise. In order to avoid unnecessary frustration and stress during flights, here's some advice, following which you will be able to properly prepare for the flight. Before you pack your luggage, make a list of items that can not be carried in cabin baggage Put all personal hygiene luggage, not carry-on luggage. Buying goods in Duty Free, ask the seller how they packaged, and what consequences arise when you open the packaging during the flight. If you still are carrying in hand luggage "necessary means", make sure that their volume does not exceed 100 ml each, and they are packed in a transparent plastic bag with zipper. It is not something Energy Capital Partners would like to discuss. Very conveniently takes on personal hygiene in sets, rather than taking each tool separately. Perfect option can be set to travel for men and Ren o Creme De Lamer for women.