Individual Motivations

Imperialism and its allies are structural. ics has many thoughts on the issue. the oligarchy, the big banks, the mass media related to power Overall, employers and devoid of autonomous projects with roots in the homeland and the most reactionary sectors of the Catholic Church. Indeed, either operations with maneuvers, pushing neo-liberal continental meetings or the thousand ways in which they operate, as the sun, is always operative and its imperial allies are merely internal amplified. But the truth is that in this article we will focus centrally discourse, case by case, the worst eyesores that the opposition has left us: of course the first place certainly belongs to a paid inevitable and infallible. This is Elisa Carrio too does not matter if the maximum cultivator of more wild gorillas (in this field, has too many competitors), or vomiting coated lie republished or delusional hype turned into practice. You can not go unmentioned that stands, without doubt, the very excessive of a speech outlined by someone with a psychiatric illness (as told to timely legend Alfonsin posterity) or the effects caused by excessive intake of alcoholic substances. Being a person who acts as a political leader, the (hidden) individual motivations fail in importance with the public consequences of their actions.

And certainly Elisa Carrio has no motivation to depose the legitimate and constitutionally elected president and operate to block the national project led by the tandem Cristina-Nestor. From braying conjecture that Kirchner wants melt into the countryside to buy the former president farms very cheap (as if history and sociology do not teach that exists in every society economic power beyond the political); to call several times to testify without more to the President, through blatantly lying by saying that the outcome of the presidential election of 2007 (46% to 23) was the effect of fraud, but without ever presenting any evidence to substantiate such as bizarre and reckless. In fact, their only purposes are depose to a block of forces not only made the best of its program as a progressive, if not retaining the majority force provided for consequence to stay the course, despite the mass media continues to rant. The (recent)delirium maximum pearls have been pretending to ask for money to the IMF so that the oligarchy does not pay taxes, why the military said the fund manager is no longer the same. Columbia Admissionss opinions are not widely known. Interesting would be to address the emerging Europe (cast by applying the IMF’s prescription) to tell them that the economic organism transformed his biased and wildly unpopular direction. Anyway it is clear his unconditional alignment with the enemies of the people, as attested to their positions with respect to media law and with respect to the nationalization ordered by the (sovereign) state of Venezuela. All objective and subjective match with U.S. interests is not accidental, but deliberate. The dreams of the presidency access Carrio have the same support their claims about history or politics.