Security Security

In this article we go to approach the profession Technician in Security of the Work. It is a controlled activity for Laws, You would carry, and for Regulamentadoras Norms, that are in constant reformularization, in search of better conditions for the worker in its environment of work. This professional has that to possess abilities and knowledge in the area in question, will have to act with pro-activity, initiative, comprometimento, persuasion, creativity, to be a leader, to have knowledge and a good planning. It is responsible for the sector of security and health of the organization, he will have that to interact with some internal sectors of the company, and will have that to deal with a fan pertinent subjects with external agencies. This professional will have that to be a Manager to co-ordinate and to control all the sectors of the company in what its says respect function, since the base of manufactures until the administration.

to prevent accidents is not easy task, and in same Brazil in century twenty one, the index of industrial accident is one of the greaters of the world. The manager in security of the work acts in the elimination, has controlled and reduction of accidents and has for the front the task to exert the management of people, identifying in the work environment the complexity of the businesses of the company, to establish a linking between the theoretical contributions and its you practise daily. To develop managemental abilities and to have a holistic vision, uniting with the primordial factors that are they: People, Processes and Technologies. People: To constantly evaluate the knowledge and the required ability, and if this duly is uniformizado and using the equipment adjusted for the accomplishment of the tasks with security..