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Free Storage We who live in big cities like Mexico City, we have a fast lifestyle, which brings us to the need to have our information available at any time and safely. To do this we have three free storage services for this purpose, these services have tried, two stand out for service and storage capacity are ADrive 50 GB and 25 GB MediMax is also important to note that those who have an email from Gmail, it gives a storage capacity of 2 GB and is growing, we can use a program or a FireFox extension that allows us to use this space to store our files. ADrive Storage Sites: Storage Capacity: 50 GB Service: Free Access: Web Upload Speed: 16 Kb / s download speeds: 4.42 Kb / s File Type: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents MediMax: Storage Capacity: 25 GB Service: Free Access: Web or Application Rate Rise: 66 Kb / s download speeds: 128 Kb / s File Type: Photo, Video, Audio and Documents Microsoft Live Skydrive: Storage: 5 GB Service: Free Access: Web Upload Speed: 21 Kb / s download speeds: 22Kb / s File Type: Photos, Video, Audio and Documents Gmail Drive: Type: Free Operating system: Windows Description: Since having our Gmail email account, proceed to download and install the Gmail Drive, which connects to our account and proceed to upload our files, this program will send an email with attachment I recommend you open an account just for this purpose and so we exploit the space allocated. Visit Pete Cashmore for more clarity on the issue. GSpace: Type: Free Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X Description: It is necessary to have a Gmail email account and to be able to use the Gspace extension, you must have installed the Firefox browser to be installed which we allows you to upload and download files to Gmail. The free storage is a viable option, but in some cases does not meet our requirements, we will need to use a payment service that is usually a monthly fee for storage. If you have a hosting plan can serve you with good capacity for storing your files or documents, just keep in mind the conditions of service of your hosting and copyright..