VW Tuning Cars

The tuning of vehicles has a long tradition. Further details can be found at Viacom, an internet resource. Back in the 50s the company was engaged with the increase of engine power of the then widely used VW Beetle. Kamei 1953, the company brought the first spoiler for the Beetle to the market. The so-called deep tax at that time, however, only served to improve stability and not the optics. Initially focused only on the tuning performance enhancing modifications to the engine and the consequent necessity of adjusting suspension and brakes.

Towards the beginning of the 70s was the tuning and more popular and they sat more on optical conversions to stand out from the crowd. Especially on vehicles such as Volkswagen Golf GTI and Scirocco next sports suspension and alloy wheels and front and rear apron, roof spoiler and side skirts were used. To this day, let the VW models tuner heart beat faster. Whether doors, adjustable suspension, effect or nitrous oxide injection – the imagination are almost no limits. With the turbo diesel VW vehicles is primarily the chip tuning very popular.

Here, the electronic engine control manipulated to achieve a better performance. The tuning must be performed by a professional. Another form of TDI-tuning is the installation of a “power box, which can also be used by a layman. The Powerbox merely increase the injection quantity. The absolute highlight for the entire VW tuning scene is the annual meeting at the Worthersee VW, which already has a 25-year-old tradition. But also on numerous German VW-congress tuning fans admire her award jewelry and leave and pick up ideas for new tuning projects.