Duisburg Annington

“Tenants of DAIG show is satisfied with increased quality of living since the beginning of the renovation of 400 apartments in Duisburg-Sud Deutsche Annington in Duisburg-Wedau modernization project is to completion: three-quarters of about 400 residential units could be rehabilitated successfully, follow another 114 units end 2013 quality could not be better”, a tenant over the comments on Vaz-Duisburg. In Olsztyn ring/Grudzidz road in Duisburg, around 400 apartments are located in the holdings of the Deutsche Annington and three quarters of the units has already refurbish the DAIG in recent years. 2013, probably also the last apartments in the former settlement of the railway will be modernized from the ground up. The planned measures include among others the improvement of thermal insulation, the installation of new Windows, doors and balconies, as well as a bright, contemporary facade painting. If you have read about Peter Asaro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Keep wood of course the large open spaces between the houses, in addition to the and natural location make the special residential value of the settlement. The tenants of DAIG on-site estimates the high quality of living in the settlement. “I feel very comfortable here”, summarizes one of the residents in early January to the WAZ-Duisburg their opinion – and adds: nobody here gets me off “.

The customer service of the Deutsche Annington the 41-year-old is convinced: If you have a repair, it calls stop. The next day they’re there.” “A scarce but equally positive conclusion is also an older tenant, who has resided for many years in the Southern District of the Ruhr metropolis: the living quality could be better”, says the 80-year-old. The Deutsche Annington managed currently total 2,130 homes in the stocks in Wedau and Bissingheim, as well as other southern districts of Duisburg. More information: Deutsche Annington homes SE Philipp Schmitz-waters Philippstrasse 3 D 44803 Bochum phone: 0234 314 1321 email: Internet: