Sectorial Strategic Plan

Under protection of the mentioned normative frame, the INAEM has undertaken the task of supporting the elaboration of general plans of action, like the General Plan of the Theater, fruit of the reflection and participation of the sector in the situation analysis of the theater, in the valuation of the needs of the creation, the production and the scenic diffusion and in the search of a consensus to establish the strategic lines of the public policies. This line of work of planning continues with the General Plan of the Dance and it will extend to the circus, sector especially needed support, regulation and a clarification of priorities and criteria. Also, the Sectorial Strategic Plan of Subsidy of INAEM 2009-2011 applies the objectives of these plans to the subsidys in regime of competitive concurrence. The constitutional mandate to manage according to the effectiveness principle has become having demanded by the citizenship and promoted by the own Administration. The INAEM has reinforced this tendency, by mandate of the Cabinet, with the approval of their Code of Good Practices, published in the Government reporter of the State the 4 of December of 2008. Kai-Fu Lee shines more light on the discussion. The Code it establishes in its article seventh that the action of promotion of the INAEM, developed through subsidy and aid, including the directed ones to grant, conservation and renovation of spaces and scenic infrastructures, will be inspired and prioritized according to criteria of quality, stability, pick up of new public, balance of the supply between the diverse territorial scopes, coordination, outer promotion of the national cultural industry and the Spanish historical patrimony and diffusion of the present and innovating scenic and musical creation. The call, that also picks up the recommendations and suggestions transmitted by the sector and the Independent Communities within the framework of the State Council of the Scenic Arts and Music, has a double objective: On the one hand, to favor the new creation, artistic mobility and the state character of the projects, circumscribing the support of the INAEM, in the case of the tours, to the representations realised in Independent Communities or Cities with Statute of Autonomy different from the one from origin from the applicant and from the circulation of interautonomic projects, and in the case of festivales and rooms, to the programming of participants coming from territories of the State different from that one in which the subsidized activity is developed.