Screenshots Of The New Audi A6 2011

The waiting has come to an end: the new Audi A6 is already here, and see in all its glory in this photographic progress. We first saw it in photos spy, still with camouflage, and just a few days ago the official teaser announcing us his presentation on December 1. Just a few hours earlier, from shown exclusive first images nude of the new big Audi sedan. The 2011 Audi A6 won’t, aesthetically, a groundbreaking model. The tradition in the brand, elegance and evolution are very present in this new generation (at last completely new), although some may throw less riskier and rupturismo. Guess already seen features in the new Audi A7 Sportback and Audi A8, and even seen profile it might seem different scales a twin or A4, but also gives a small nut turn in the already usual in the mark headlights with LED technology. Like this the new A6 will replace veteran current generation and adapts to new times, with a deep evolution which makes it more resemble the rest of the Audi range. Most outstanding foreign Ewall are undoubtedly the optical front and rear, as well as the front bumper that frames a slightly different grille.

Changes which, moreover, stand out much comparing to the current A6 but not so much if we bear in mind the A7 or the A8. Technologically, the 2011 A6 goes a step further, and in certain respects seems to be little to envy to the ship logo A8. It premieres new modular platform, with a chassis made in part (20%) in aluminium, with the intention of lowering the weight, while no shortage of traditional TDI engines (such as for example block 3.0 V6) or TFSI. The top of range could compose what the 4.0 V8, waiting for more sporting future versions. All the technological arsenal of Audi will be present in the new A6, therefore. Inside Yes seems to appreciate a big step forward with respect to the current A6, with a more modern design inspired by his older brothers, as well as a shocking presence (at least with the equipment contained in the images). At the moment, and unless these early images of our colleagues at, are not more data, although just a few safe hours that we will have new news from the official model. Original author and source of the article