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Consumer Electronics for the 21st Century

There can be no doubt that one of the defining characteristics of the 21st century is the seemingly insatiable thirst for more and more advanced technology. Consumers are willing to wait on long lines for endless hours for the privilege of spending hundreds of dollars on the latest iPad, iPhone or other...

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Meru Networks

KG, explains: today more than ever on a reliable system of NAC are instructed. With the ForeScout appliances, we meet the high security requirements of our customers. This is confirmed by the enormous growth rates, this manufacturer on the international markets currently listed. Already in the past financial...

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Saving Corporation

Posted by Wii-Wii | Posted in General | Posted on 29-10-2014


Madrid, 16 of March of 2010 Ahorro Corporation, organization specialized for more than 30 years in providing consultant’s office and services of investment to institutional clients and investing individuals, has trusting in DocPath to improve its processes of generation and document distribution. The increase in the exigencies of their clients, the takeoff that has undergone the group in the last years and the necessity abrir new communication channels with its users, forced to Saving Corporation to introduce some changes in their technological infrastructure. The financial service group counted on a platform iSeries that were in charge to generate the invoices, information and contracts for their clients, which consumed many resources of host and implied very high costs. Thanks to the solution DocPath Docs on Demand, Saving Corporation can realise those processes in a Linux servant, which has released of load its iSeries and has reduced to the costs derived from the generation of these documentos". Docs on Demand is a modular solution composed by a designer of forms and a motor of production that unites those forms with the existing data of business to give rise to documents with finished professional. The application allows in addition to generate PDFs, to raise the Web the information of automatic form and to distribute documents by different printers, faxes or electronic mails. The solution, that was put in production the past year, was implanted in only one week, since all the software that DocPath makes is based on standards, reason why Integra easily with anyone of the present applications in an organization and, to the modular being, can is extended itself according to the needs of growth of a company. " With this new system we have been able to increase the productivity of the tasks of reporting in a 30 percent, our employees do not need technical knowledge because the process is completely intuitive, but perhaps more important that all this is that ours clients more are satisfied and our corporative image has seen mejorada&quot remarkably; , it has indicated Loved Esteban, director of Operation of the area of Markets of Saving Corporation.

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