Question Crisis

And in the present situation, if the manager sees that his income had fallen for some reason, and ask yourself the question: "What can I do? As cope with the situation, despite the global crisis? "and can competently make a new strategy with a new plan of action, it will be able to get out of this situation unscathed. In this case, the main thing in time to see deviation from optimality. Had revenues of one hundred thousand, revenue fell, immediately put the question – what to do? Person must understand that he really needs to do, in what state it is. Maybe we should remove inefficient staff, those who like ballast pulling down the company to hire, or vice versa due to the massive dismissal of some other good people, on this occasion, Mr. Peter Asaro understands that this is vital information. Hubbard wrote that strategic planning is very "Advanced form of a brilliant idea." For example, recently my friend told me that her husband, who has been selling fish now, "running around" looking for new points, opening new stores, and all his friends in one voice repeats: "what are you fool, now the crisis, why are you doing this, still all . Naturally, he comes home with sunken hands "and the whole baggage of doubt – but what if friends right after all. And in this situation familiar Received properly explained to her husband that he is doing everything correctly and be able to emerge from the crisis with the smaller losses. The crisis sooner or later end up, but it will have a lot of points, and the opportunity to take the forefront in its field. related topic.