Posting Photos Online

And again the same thing but briefly … "How can you help to send a photo or image to a forum in my post" Tue, December 23 – 19:42:33 Maybe it is the most popular question asked by users of blogs, forums and online photo albums. At least I, as a photo hosting site administrator,, take out these kinds of questions from users very often. And as fans do not read the FAQ very much … here and write about the same. We turn to the point! In order to send / post an image on a blog or a forum you will need: Once again, check the menu for the new posts on your blog site or forum.

Maybe there is already a key for the downloaded image? 1. The button is there, but you asked to enter a URL link and not just download the file from your computer? Wonderful! So you need to create a link to a photo album or picture. 2. The buttons do not have one. It's still means that you need to create a link to a photo album or picture.

To create a link you need to place the file anywhere on the Internet. For example, you can easily do it for free on Complete a quick registration, create your own photo album and upload images or photos. Links to photos and photo albums are on can find in preview mode. Click on 'Link to photo / album' and select a location reference to the photo album or You can get a link to a photo, Weight album or the album as a slide – show Copy and paste the link to its Web site, blog forum, blog, or anywhere. In the case of "2. The buttons do not have one, "just put the link in your text rabotoet How? You have placed link, but the screen will only see this same link and no image? Warning – this is normal. When you are finished and send / publish a message, place links to see photos, audio and so on. All of this is loaded with the server automatically and unnecessarily more you install anything. That's it! Enjoy illustrated forums, blogs and websites.