Perfect Figure – A Dream Or Reality ?

A woman at a time can do many things. Everyone knows that. However, not everyone knows that, in addition to its "core" cases, the woman at the same time thinks another, at least about four important things: how to feed a family, where to get money, how to do everything and how it look good. Women have achieved equality with men. In this regard, form new ideas about what should be a woman. It is sad, but the old stereotypes about women's homemaking still maintain their strong positions, but with them on one level there are new stereotypes: the woman should have time to deal with everything. That is now difficult to justify a woman which does not work without a weighty reason.

On equal terms – both equally! Defended their right to work, so please come running, but only, please, in full force. And no one is interested in that women still have do all that before: keep the house clean and in order to care for children, cooking, washing and even hundreds of different cases that need a lot of strength. Of course, the high-level deal with all at once – very difficult. But women cope! True, at times, not caring about their health, or, perhaps, in the very limited extent. And, of course, on what to do themselves – to be treated, go to spas, massage rooms, solarium, beauty beauty, gyms or fitness clubs – all that women often do not have neither the time nor the energy. A flawless look like always.