Online Retailers

It's no secret that buy products through various online stores is now a comfortable, simple and profitable. You can half-hour "bypass" dozens of online stores, with a few mouse clicks to place an order, and everything! Courier is in a hurry to you with your product! In this case, you can visit the shops, when you want it, because they work 24 hours a day, without breaks and weekends. And prices are likely to be lower than in stores. And if the person live far from major cities and shopping centers, sometimes buying from online retailers – is virtually the only way to buy the right product quickly and without hassle. Now let's see how we can save money by using the services of online stores, First you need to find the answer to the question: "What is included in the price of goods at the online store?".

Take, for example, an electronics store. Virtually all goods, exhibited in a shop, imported. This means that before you get to your hands, runs good on a long chain of companies and organizations. Here are some: Manufacturer foreign distributors Manufacturer Importer of goods wholesaler, supplier of goods for Online Store Online Store Courier Service, Mail Buyer Of course, the price of goods pawned trade margins of distributors, wholesalers, importers, storage fees online store, the cost of service procurement and accounting of goods, the cost of courier services, etc. Throw in tax revenues, customs duties. And we find that the price on proceeding from the manufacturer to the consumer has grown several times. For example. digital camera, wholesale price for which the manufacturer is $ 120 in retail stores U.S.

and Europe is sold at $ 180, while in Russia and cis countries for $ 190 wholesale and over $ 250 at retail. Home the problem of 'exorbitant' prices for consumer goods – it's high tariffs and a large number of intermediaries between producer and buyer. Obviously, we can save money and try to buy directly for abroad. This idea has been successfully implemented in the Internet-shops of the new format: the store deliver it directly. This store is working directly with overseas manufacturers or, more commonly, a distributor of the manufacturer. Skillz: the source for more info. Placing an order in this store, you get the goods directly from foreign distributors, for example, directly from Hong Kong or the United States, bypassing the middlemen, wholesalers, warehouses, online store, etc. Your order arrives by mail, it does not matter where you are live in Moscow or Yakutsk, in the village of Grand Ravine Krai, delivery of goods to you will cost the same amount to very little, and often free delivery! In addition, the price will be lower due to savings in customs payments, as receive from abroad inexpensive items in a single item are exempt from customs duties! As a result, the price of goods in the online store to deliver it directly below the 10-30% rates typically an Internet store. Make an order in this store, you should not expect their purchase to the next day, but wait 1-2 weeks more than compensated by a solid savings. Author of the article Sergey Zuev