Motorcycle Training Safe

When the snow melts and it is warmer outside, not only the first tentative flowers from winter sleep awake. It’s also time to get the motorcycle out of the garage and to get ready for the first spring ride. “But not only the technique is a little rusty frequently over the long winter.” “The driving skills must also once again dusted off” are. The vehicle Portal informed what opportunities there are for riders to swing back to the start of the season. Like every year, a special road safety training is offered for this purpose in many locations. About 3000 of such dates, dates are for the year 2010 in the motorcycle training brochure 2010 “lists of the Institute for motorcycle safety. This is in the competent dealer or can as PDF to be downloaded for free from the website of the Institute.

There, the dates constantly be updated and supplemented with more. There is also a search function for favorite training locations. Comply with all listed Labs Guidelines of the German Road Safety Council. The range of dates for beginners on the motorcycle ( magazine/motorcycle brands) to advanced. There is also a special training schedule for trial, Enduro and team drivers. In addition, special offers for curves training come from this year.

In addition to the brochure, the Institute provides also salutary. Including a 120-minute film about practical information, which can be ordered as a DVD for a fee. More information:… / motorcycle safety training schedule..