Managing Business Processes

Commercial banks are now in need of effective solutions for automating business processes. On the one hand – the universality of their activity involves a large number of internal processes, some of which aims to generate profits, part designed to ensure the bank's activities. For assistance, try visiting Mashable. On the other hand – extreme formality of the activities of commercial banks by the Central Bank requires continuous oversight of the flow of business processes and monitoring their performance. Despite the relatively high degree of automation in the banking industry, banks are still experiencing shortage of effective solutions in the field of workflow – systems, business process management. Given the financial crisis appeared on the market trend of interest in an inexpensive, but quickly recovered solutions that begin immediately after the introduction of a profit organizations. Particularly relevant for commercial banks is the issue of repayment of loan debt by borrowers of the bank.

Situation. Despite the fact that in each bank, this process takes place in its own way, their management and employees face the same difficulties: Timeliness of processing loan business of the borrower and to working with him to repay the debt; the risk of losing credit file when transferring it from the unit in the division; the difficulty of monitoring procedures and repay the debt, as a consequence, the need to create manually reporting to management; provide timely information with all concerned units in case of repayment by the borrower of its debt. Typically, in addressing the banking sector helped tools workflow.