Managemental Processos

The company when she contracts an employee, she is searching a solution for a problem, that is, is necessary to decide the problem and if not to become one. Second, guru of the modern administration, Peter Drucker ‘ ‘ We are contracted by the abilities techniques and we are dismissed for our abilities comportamentais’ ‘ , what it proves the importance of the behavior of the collaborator. Being essential that the professional invests in its formation, but also that he develops the abilities that add value the company. The professional valued in the coorporativo world is that one that has a good interpersonal relationship, that it knows to work in team, with creativity, ethics and motivation. that above all, he places love in that makes. Being thus, he learns to be demanding with you, has covered itself more than exactly. He has not accepted nothing less than its better! To be efficient is the minimum, is only to fulfill its task, without if worrying in developing its potentialities.

To be efficient is to make the difference, to search the new, if to worry about the result. However, all company inhales to have in its picture of employees, the professional cash, that one that develops its work with efficiency and effectiveness, carrying through its activities in the most perfect standard of quality and in the lesser possible time, surpassing the expectations. With this standard of behavior, she is more easy to galgar the floors to reach the top, there where the success professionals if find. MARLENE BLANC is University Teacher of the OPET giving disciplines it Behavior, Ceremonial, Protocol and Label of the course of TECHNOLOGY IN EVENTS. Tutor of the Courses of Pedagogia and Managemental Processos of Group UNINTER. Instructor of Courses in the CIEE/PR acts in the Project Apprentice and the Courses of the UCC – Unit Citizenship and Qualification. Palestrante and Consultora of the BLANC TRAINING in the area of human behavior and motivation, carrying through interpersonal activities of team development, leadership and relations.