Making Affinities

JOSE BRECHNER the Corn is not made to say but to organize the society, and the religious leaders form does not stop to say but to govern. The Islam and the Islamic government are divine phenomena, and their practices guarantee prosperity in this world and salvation in the next one. It can end the injustice, to the tyranny, depredation and corruption, and aid to the humanity to reach the ideal perfection . – Ayatola Homeini. The 25 of past September a meeting of four days in Tehran was inaugurated, that was suspended before the anticipated thing, because were not points of convergence between the participants. The main speakers were the children of the Che the Guevaras, Aleida and Camilo, who tried next to ideologists and Iranian university students, to tie to the socialist revolution in Latin America with the revolution islamist. The fiasco was total, the conference that took to the title of Che as Chamran did not take into account the central aspect from the Islamic doctrine that only admits the theocracy as government form, whereas the Socialists are atheistic. Mustaf Chamran was a dark individual that fought next to other revolutionary islamists in diverse countries, and was chosen to give it him to name to the assembly by forced harmony between the names Che and Chamran.

Until the similarity arrived there. Instead of to find tie points between Socialists and islamists, the unique thing that found was divergences. Most important it is than in Iran, to believe in the socialism a crime is considered and is punished with the death. Then what make Chvez, Grouse and Morals with Ajmadineyad? The Muslims are crazy but nonidiot, whereas the bolivarianos are crazy and idiot. The unique beneficiary of the tenebrous alliance will be Iran, that will turn to the Islam all the Latin Americans that it can, whereas the Socialists thicken their pockets and sooner or later they fall, as she already proved history, but the Islam will remain.