Madrid Vs Barcelona: Choose!

Which city will win in the battle for the title of best city in Spain? Madrid vs. Barcelona, which is the better city? Madrid and Barcelona are countless years in the competition for the title of best city in Spain. As you can see, the two cities not only in terms of football are true rivals. Madrid vs. would be Barcelona, what City give more points? To make a comparison possible, you should compare first of all both cities in general aspects. On the one hand, we have since Madrid, the capital of the State of Spain, and on the other side of Barcelona, the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. What relates to the number of inhabitants is about 3,200,000 Madrid and more than 1,700,000 Barcelonans. Both cities are also important economic engines of the country.

Well, but these are facts that really interested in a tourist? Not really. We help you in the following a bit on the jumps. Let’s start first of all with the architecture of the two cities. Because Barcelona is clearly up front, because it is obviously no longer necessary to mention that the Catalan capital has due to their wonderful appearance especially Antoni Gaudi and his talented friends. Barcelona enjoys a unique character, because it often happens that you suddenly meet in the middle of the city on fairytale-prison-building, which are real masterpieces of modernism. Clear point for Barcelona! If we continue in the culture and art, then we should compare once the Museum offer of both cities.

On one hand we have the famous Picasso Museum in Barcelona or the National Museum of Catalonia and the Catalan capital failed in all efforts just to get to Madrid. The Spanish capital owes her victory in this category of in particular one of the most important museums worldwide, the emblematic Prado Museum. Also the stunning Museum of Thyssen-Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia Museum are home to the most significant masterpieces of art history. Clear point for Madrid! What was an Tourists of course also interested, is the mentality of the inhabitants. While the Madrid as something snobby, proud and arrogant will be stamped, the Barcelonans considered to be rather stingy and miserly. Well, there’s this stereotype easily in every country, and apparently also in every town. Therefore let us affect us as rather not so much. For this reason: Tie! Depending on your own preferences, you can continue the list of points to be compared to infinity: Parque del Retiro in Madrid or Parque Guell in Barcelona; cocido madrileno or pa amb tomaquet, mountains or beach, inland or coast… The best yourself find out what city you like best. Perhaps, you will be impressed even by two cities, so that a decision very will be difficult for you. Start simply with a trip to the Spanish capital. Rent the best apartments in Madrid and enjoy a cost-effective and convenient accommodation in the possibly the best city on the Iberian Peninsula. Christina Gersberg