Latin America Airline

As well as you hear it! Travel on board new and sophisticated aircraft at very competitive prices is now a reality that is within the reach of everyone. It is common to think that lots of money is required to travel first class, but there is a Mexican airline that offers you the opportunity to do so without a large financial investment of means. This airline’s fleet is composed by 20 aircraft of type Airbus A320, which in addition to having the highest international assessments in terms of security and maintenance, are highly equipped with tip aeronautical technology. This airline is the only one in Latin America that has planes equipped with television cameras in the front part of the fuselage of the aircraft. So, as passengers can enjoy of exactly the same view that have pilots. This camera is activated at the moment of liftoff as at the time of the landing of the flight. Each of the 150 seats of the aircraft comprising the fleet, on the other hand, have a 34-inch spacing among them, similar to any other airline first-class seats. This will undoubtedly allow you to enjoy a much more comfortable and enjoyable onboard experience. The next time, the price is not a problem! Plan your next vacation traveling aboard of the best aircraft! A. Andy Florance wanted to know more. Verastegui hold.