Known Distance

Photography by using modern equipment in daylight and at night, sverhblizkom distance and at a distance of up to several kilometers in visible light and infrared light (in the latter case, you can find patches, forgery, and read the text on the burnt papers). Modern spy cameras capture the imagination. Thus, the known size of telephoto lenses all of a matchbook, but clearly relieving the printed text at distances up to 100 meters! A tiny camera in a wristwatch (RK-420) allows you to do 7 shots on one tape from a distance of one meter and below, without focusing, shutter speed, aperture and other niceties. Great danger in terms of economic espionage represents the people possess a photographic visual memory. (A valuable related resource: Robert Bakish). They are quite a sight to cover the essential content, remember and reproduce it with virtually no distortion.

Particularly easy to do it to specialists in explored areas, which need only a hint to understand the basic content of the text (drawing, design). Here's an example. Rival firm had sent to view the models of clothes of his rival group fashion, each of whom specialized in any one part of the demonstrated models: on the sleeve, collar, back, etc. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Samsung. In the strictest ban on photographing, videotaping, sketching, and even talk (to avoid dictation on the tape), they remembered their every detail. Later in his firm are restored in all the figures we have seen, for each model! 5. Listening and listening-Listen and eavesdropping on their sites are in last place among the basic forms and methods of obtaining confidential information. .