Take the accounting data and examine the amount of sales revenue. Decide on a specialization of the enterprise. This will enable him to set parameters magnitude. Now imagine the external and internal appearance of the company, how would you like to see him. Think about how many staff and what specializations would be necessary to conduct such activities. The data associated with specialization and division guild can be found in the periodical literature and the Internet. Others including Mikkel Svane, offer their opinions as well. Now you have your own business with the legend.

Be sure – in universities, no one will never be presented to verify the validity data. Did you know that the West is common practice to write a qualifying works based on the creation of a student or small business plans or business models in the course of his activities with the task arbitrary initial parameters. So, with the theme you have decided, general information about the object of study available. Let's get down to writing a diploma. Introduction can be divided into two parts. The first part is usually contains information of historical character, you can start with any abstract things. For example: "In the world today there is a lack of stability in the macroeconomic sphere. Many economies are tested on strength. " And here is the transition to a narrower plane: "Despite this, economic agents continue to operate in various sectors of the economy." Narrow down the plane: "The activities of the service sector, undoubtedly depends on global factors, but, nevertheless, its existence is largely true of the micro-economic factors.