Indian Silver Jewellery And Gemstone Jewellery

Fascinate me the craftsmanship, modern Indian silver jewelry from Jaipur since a trip to India in the year 2007 and combines the can in the tasteful jewelry from North India. It began with a trailer for my girlfriend and continues jewelry shops, India Schmuckunst Indian Silver and gemstone jewelry at the opening of an own online. In our Web shop, we sell fine jewelry creations made from 925 sterling silver with different semi-precious stones, imported directly from Jaipur. As I said, this is extraordinary shapes not the classic Indian jewelry but modern silver and gemstone Schmuckin. Parallel to the traditional forms of jewelry and manufacturing techniques exist also a large and modern silver and gemstone industry in India with Jaipur as a centre.

Classic Indian jewelry is the old jewelry forms and techniques such as Jadau Kundan, Meenakari, Navaratna and Pachchikam. Details can be found among other things on the site India The trinkets offered by us are characterised by a particularly high quality and artistic shapes. At fair prices, you get stunning jewelry creations – we can definitely speak of jewelry art. India is a fascinating country, known for its millennia old culture, its exoticism, its great Bollywood films and really fantastic jewelry. Indian jewelry is jewelry that is popular also here in Europe of increasing popularity.

It is striking that the jewelry, as well as the country is very colorful. Gemstone jewelry for example has not just one or two colors that are covered, but a bandwidth that is almost unbelievable. Indian jewelry can be compared is mainly available from us in any way with the European all-world jewelry. Indian jewelry is quite different, has a very special flair and enchant every woman. Particularly succeeded in combining silver jewelry with precious stones jewelry. Silver jewellery just go with everything. There, the woman with a T-Shirt can walk around, because she can wear an evening gown, a costume, a Suit – no matter what, is always and everywhere like to silver jewelry. However, not only to the outfit silver is apt to the type. While not always cope with gold and it just not everyone suits, silver is a metal that is never disruptive. Silver jewelry is also quite inexpensive in combination with precious stones you can afford several pieces and assemble their own collections. In our online shop, we offer earring jewelry, silver Necklaces Pendants, rings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and jewellery sets. Standard stones such as Amethyst and Moonstone, we have wonderfully together matching jewelry pieces in nearly every category. Currently enjoys particularly our Moonstone jewelry of highest popularity.