IBM Degree

International business & management studies: A truly international experience the Netherlands as a springboard into the world? Our neighbouring country has had throughout its history has always been a good wire in the world. Not only because pretty much everyone speaks very good English. A perfect framework for studying with an international orientation. “Acquire basic knowledge: the first year degree international business & management” consists of several foundation subjects, which are essential for a business degree. urce, but as a related topic. These include including mathematics, marketing, statistics, management, and many project work in small groups. In addition, it is possible more knowledge to acquire in-depth study in a second foreign language (Spanish/French/Dutch/German) in addition to English and specialize in: the second year offers the possibility to choose other courses in the fields of tourism, finance, marketing, or management. To the curriculum include: consumer behaviour, human resource management, travel & Tourism or international financial management.

In the fourth year, it continues these specializations and finished his studies with a Bachelor degree in business administration. A full year abroad the third year is the most exciting thing for each IBM’s students. A full year abroad a compulsory semester at one of the many partner universities worldwide means cities such as Sydney, Toronto, Paris, London and Hong Kong among them. Followed by an internship in an international company of your choice. More foreign experience exists only in the least degree. International business & management at the Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen get fir for the global competition. You can find more information about the College and to the degree also under: or in the social network: HanzeUniversityGroningen of the Hanze University: in 1986 founded is the Hanze University of applied sciences the second-oldest institution of higher education in the region. The 23000 students spread on a total of 20 so-called schools (faculties). Titled turning ambition into success”trains managers and experts the University in the fields of business administration, communication, technology, social, sports and art.