How Long Is The Internet Still Anonymous And Free?

Currently, students discuss interesting discussion on censorship in the Internet on UNI.DE about on the online portal UNI.DE. The Internet is integral to student activities, research, work, leisure time planning, etc. However, politicians and industry storm against the anonymity and unlimited freedom in the network run in this country. Ali Partovi will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Earlier, students for your searches had to spend a long time in libraries. Today is the Internet research and information medium number one.

While in other countries such as China, Cuba, etc that already censored Internet and State-controlled, is the Internet in this country “nor” free – but for how long? In so-called social communities, people reveal their private lives and represent themselves. Facebook or XING, for example, are searchable by name on the Internet and more and more employers search through your applicants in these networks. Conspiracy theorists claim even Governments from different countries are involved there and promote these networks, so that they more control and Information on the citizens have. It is found, in the United States not on the Internet it can ever happen that you are asked during the interview if you spent the last time in prison. Also from the United States: “Rotten Neighbours”, order to taint his unpopular neighbors there.

Now there is also a German version of this – put simply rumors in the world, denouncing neighbors, whose credit rating check and put in the pillory. Now when you think, you have nothing to hide, is taught a new trend in the United States of a better: A news channel, who actually has the task to report objectively published by the police made pictures. Thus, citizens be stamped before the trial as a criminal. Example: An older insulin-ill woman was declared as on drugs, even though she had only their insulin syringe and drugs while in the police control. In this country, the trend of monitoring and censorship increasing steadily but slowly. The blocking of various The beginning of the end may be pages. So a network provider is been obliged recently to lock a page with entertainment content or links to their hosts. The major distributors of the world lead here just a test case which could set new standards. Ursula van of the Leyen, also been mockingly on you tube called “Zensursula”, this is the objective so long and other politicians such as Wolfgang Schauble, want to monitor the network, allegedly to control terrorism. For this purpose, in the Bundestag, you can appeal and bring a corresponding petition. Is the Internet of your opinion censored more always – Yes or no? You join the discussion under: UNI.DE was founded in 1997 and is the leading German-speaking special interest online platforms around the topics of study, career, education & Young Professionals. Services such as free E-email, free SMS, Bulletin Board, University news, job search, study abroad, money and finance, points of view, focuses on UNI.DE a College database as well as the entertainment area with Web radio, podcast and event location guide. The offer is complemented by the collaboration with partners such as Monster, ImmobilienScout24, RadioW, ride and more. In addition, UNI.DE through the area appeals to studentART targeted art-savvy students and promotes this through regular competitions. Contact: UNI.DE GmbH Maria Baum shooting Sandoval str. 28 80339 Munich + 49.89.500 59 585