Holger Schafer Sings Of

Holger Schafer “Sun life and more” his current title of Holger Schafer published “Sun life and more” his current title. He is iconic hit and loves his guitar. And the guitar is also his constant companion. It is a perfect sound bed that give the memorable sound of the songs by Holger Schafer and his expressive voice. Inspired and fascinated by the music of the Beatles and Bryan Adams he decided to stand on the stage with his own music as a teenager. You may find isearch to be a useful source of information. Initially, he was a member of the band, until he finally became the solo singer. The title comes from Holger Schafer partly in the own spring.

This creates credibility and authenticity. “I think good German music must take with you and grab the soul. I believe, for me and for that I write these songs”, says Holger Schafer about its multi-faceted music. You could pop, pop and rock – this versatility among others on his album “I’ll wait” an impressive experience. On this long-player is also the German cover version of a song by Bryan Adams (“fearless” in the original “Fort of me” in the version of Holger Schafer). It is a successful tribute to his musical idol. After the single “Lifetime”, who himself could successfully claim several weeks in the airplay charts of radio stations, the positive collaboration with his current producer team continued Werner students and Norbert Beyerl. The current production of DAXHILL Studios Munich is a song that sings about the happiness of togetherness. “Sun life and more” goes into the ear and catchy about the gift of love.