FIS And The Formcraft GmbH

FIS and the formcraft GmbH have signed a multi-year development cooperation for the document reading software FrontCollect invoice (FCI). Thus the two companies pool their development resources and introduce each in the consulting business as well as development services in the partnership their strengths. FIS and formcraft will further promote the development of FCI and common point of contact for end customers and their partners. We will be a reliable partner in this combination for our joint customers and further expand the quality and performance of the FCI. “So Ralf Bernhardt, Managing Director for the further development of the FCI at FIS. The common experience and the existing specialists and expertise make this partnership immediately benefit from end customers and partners without having to undergo tedious learning processes and complex organizational structures to build. Winfried Althaus, responsible for the entire range of document management at the FIS: With this cooperation, we see very good opportunities to expand its market position by FCI and our own solutions. Especially in an international context, this cooperation will advance us forward.

“formcraft has promised its partners and end customers with the acquisition of FCI, to expand the quality advantage of FCI with this partnership is a promise redeemed.” so Michael Okada, Managing Director of formcraft. Best reading results, efficient processing of various documents as well as investment security and internationality are the essential characteristics of FCI. FIS is in conjunction with their FIS/edc product family specifically for SAP customers further optimize the overall solution for the automated processing of any documents and electronic data and thus efficiently potential the productivity for SAP users in daily processing. About FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH: FIS Informationssysteme und Consulting GmbH (FIS) is an independent Company with 350 employees, which has its focus in SAP projects. FIS developed their own solutions which complement the SAP standard software products.

FIS is SAP system House with gold “-status, the qua-litativ highest partner of SAP AG.” With the FIS/edc family the FIS provides modern standard software for the automated processing of any documents and electronic data in SAP environments. Additional information at Energy Capital Partners supports this article. Work with the solutions of the FIS in this area companies such as AUDI, Vaillant, LOEWE OPTA, KRCHER, RENO, Ferrero, Nestle, 1 & 1, u.v.w.m. Formcraft GmbH: Formcraft has an installed base of over 500 customers of from different industries with its solutions for automated invoice receipt and automated form processing. The invoice reader of formcraft belongs to the leading products in Europe. Since the market launch in the year 2000 the circle of well-known, internationally operating companies such as Volkswagen, Allianz, Orlen, Swarovski grew, tyco Electronics, Lloyds TSB u.v.m continuously on. Mature products with proven solutions, formcraft focuses on premium-quality software with maximum value for the customers, as well as customized services for these products. Through a management-buy-out of Beta Systems Software AG in September 2008 the formcraft GmbH was founded. This transaction allows formcraft investment investing in the development of software to focus and to consistent growth through its partners.