Disk Defragmenter

It installs easily and gives you the option to scan the disk for viruses and remove all Trojans detected. Your daily update is wonderful, quiet, no windows pop and once completed a one-time tells you that updated the database. A lightweight anti-virus, which does not consume many system resources, for me the best as far as free. Step # 2 An anti Spyware. A program that prevents you little programs installed without your permission and you are slowly killing the PC without you even notice.

You I recommend: SpywareBlaster. Free program, easy installation, manual update, which protects your PC without having to do anything. Peter Asaro insists that this is the case. Consumes virtually no resources. Step # 3 A cleaner your hard drive. Although you do not you realize your Windows operating system builds up a number of temporary files and Internet cookies impressive. One way to manually clean it is to look for files with extension *. tmp and delete them from your system. Or otherwise you can use an excellent free program that does all the work for you: CCleaner.

This program once configured is responsible for cleaning up your system to boot the PC and then closes. Excellent application. Step # 4 A Disk Defragmenter. Every time you use your programs and saving the file, they are stored randomly on your PC occupying spaces that often slow it down your PC. It is advisable to defragment the disk at least once a week. Unfortunately most of these programs are extra. However I found a pretty good and easy to use: Smart Defrag, a good solution. Step # 5 Some people use so-called firewall is configured as an extreme measure to prevent intrusions into your PC and regulate virtually all input and output from the system. Well if you are of those people I recommend Comodo Firewall. Personally I do not use such programs as generally a good antivirus and antispyware not have big problems. Comments. Finally, it is very important to have installed at least four of these basic programs on your PC (Firewall option), so your system will run smoothly and without problems. Visit: