Digital Advertising

Webkeys open up new paths in the targeting of Webkeys are the new advertising media that allow a targeted response. By storing a specific URL, the Webkey exactly on the fair or the event can deliver tailored information. The URL opens once the Webkey is plugged into your PC or laptop and even though the key in contrast to the classic USB flash drives is not a storage medium, he gives numerous content such as videos, offers or price lists. While the USB stick thanks to different storage capacities that offers opportunity to pass comprehensive content and offline use, how. E.g. catalogues, can offer the Webkey thanks to a URL all content online and specifically put together on the respective purpose. A special landing page can be developed for use as trade fair advertising, which holds an exclusive trade fair offer or price lists for the exhibits of the exhibition stand. To determine the contents of the website, by the possibilities the Webkey is extremely flexible and can always current Information offer.

Through a USB port the Webkey can be used anywhere. Once the Webkey is plugged into your PC or laptop, the link opens, and the user is automatically led to the deposit page. So, a simple operation is guaranteed. Thanks to the flexible and individual design, the advertising message can be transmitted not only by the content, but also by the promotional. Through a wide range of shapes, colors and designs of Webkeys this can be customized completely. The LA CONCEPT GmbH is one of the largest German advertising and offers also the individual Webkeys in addition to the classic USB sticks.

Just as alternative Webkeys have evolved to the USB stick thanks to the missing GEMA fees. Simple stored a URL, no royalty fee must be paid for the Webkey and the transmission of information can occur. Thanks to the individual setting of a URL is the Webkey for many Einsatzgebietet. At the POS and promotions she can Specify the URL of a site, which gives complete information about the action and holds a contest or free product samples. The website must be not always a specially designed landing page, but can be also the Facebook page of the action or brand. For measuring the use of mass advertising or the virtual tour of the exhibition stand is possible. As a result the fair is not more limited and the booth can be visited even after the fair. For all other information about the Webkeys under werbemittel/usb-sticks-und-webkeys/webkey.