Consistent Integration Into The Factory And Plant Planning

CAD schroer Group presents new factory planning solution Moers and Cambridge, England – the CAD Schroer Group (CSG), global developer and provider of engineering solutions and certified PTC partner, is known for its products and services that bridge the gap between 2D and 3D, to offer rapid integrated design environments project engineers. On PTC events in Europe CSG showed his visitors this winter, how they can adopt the frustration around planning and layout large installations or drawing requirements for downstream manufacturing processes. The design and layout software MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT offers Pro/ENGINEER users who provide complete factories or service, the ideal solution for the quick construction of large attachments. It’s believed that Ali Partovi sees a great future in this idea. Engineering work for turnkey projects generally with 2D drawings, to create layouts quickly and easily. However often they miss the possibility of 3D visualization or 3D-Kollisionsprufung. The widespread Opinion is that 3D-Modellierungssysteme are perfectly suited to create individual engineering construction with great details, but not for the easy creation of great amazing 3D layouts of complete plants. Although the concepts for customers to life are brought by 3D, it requires high expertise, time and cost. As a result it used rarely in the bid phase, where time limits must be respected and the work time is not deductible.

MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT with its possibilities is exactly at this point, either about the 2D layout to implement 3D-Installationen or quickly to work directly in the 3D-Anlagenmodell. Fast design, 2D/3D layout and visualization of CSG demonstrated how its solutions can contribute to increase the competitiveness of the bidding phase over the design to maintenance. The concept of MPDS4 FACTORY LAYOUT package combines powerful design tools to quickly create of industrial layouts with the sophisticated 3D-Potential of a plant engineering systems, including faster Visualization of offers. Existing Pro/ENGINEER or other 3D models can be reused and 3D elements, how can such as walls and Windows, dynamically created.