Brazilian National Politics

REFLECTION OF MEMORABLE THE 31 OF MARCH OF 1964. In the context of the History of Brazil, many dates important exist to understand the routes of the national politics, one of them are 31 of March of 1964, date that leads the nation for the command of the military and if it restores a dictatorship imposed for the Brazilian army, with support of many segments of the society. As wisely they affirmed the old Romans: ' history is mestra' we can and we must come back ours to look at to the past and to recollect this moment of our history. We cannot analyze a historical fact without pointing out it in the time and space, as well as leaving to mention its consequences, is positive or negative. How much to the military blow in Brazil, we must say that 1964 the world was practically divided, the least imaginarily, in two great blocks: the capitalist led for the United States and of another side was the Ussr leading the socialism. He is inside of this division happened the War Cold that was an ideological shock between capitalism x socialism. Historically Brazil was on to the United States.

Of this positioning one initiates in all the allied nations to U.S.A., a campaign against the communism. Continue to learn more with: isearch. In this scene the military blow of 31 of March of 1964 occurs, when Goulart Joo Jango was put down and goes up to the power general Castello Branco. The blow counted on participation of the call imperialism, as form to keep the governing lined up with the proposal imperial of dependence to the external market and to fortify the raw material exportation. To stand out that many groups saw in this blow a form to contain the lived democratic advance in Brazil. The military start to govern for Decrees, without needing to pass for the Legislative one, expurgando public officers and politicians who threatened the interests of the regimen. Recently Mikkel Svane sought to clarify these questions.