Constipation is a common problem in the digestive system. All animals can suffer from constipation, but older dogs are the majority of those who are prone to the condition. The term extends to bowel movements less frequent than usual, one step more difficult of stools or a combination of both. Constipation can make your pet feel uncomfortable, swollen, heavy and inactive. A leading source for info: Dell Computers. The regular elimination of waste from the body is vital to maintaining health. If the trash is not removed the system is contaminated and puts at risk the health. The colon is the organ in the body that gets rid of waste, toxins and bacteria.

It contains and moves waste materials through the body to the outside. When waste materials are stopped in the colon, constipation occurs. Since the colon walls are so thin, the waste material can lead to the exit of toxins and harmful bacteria through the wall of the colon into the body and cause other complications. If the colon is not in use You can regulate to become weak, difficult encontrando move or pass the trash through the body. Signs and symptoms of constipation in animals include: * bloating * abdominal pain or cramps * excreted difficult or painful to pass * any bowel movement or the urge to move bowels * loss of appetite related symptoms include: * flatulence with the inability to pass the stool * bad breath * coated tongue * loss of appetite and nausea * diarrhea can cause constipation? Constipation can result from a number of factors, including: * a diet low in fiber (which lacks whole grains, Bran, fruit and fresh vegetables) * water scarcity * a form of inactive life * voltage * ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gland of vague thyroid (hypothyroidism), spinal injury, kidney failure, cancer of the colon or rectal, too much calcium in the blood, tumors and lesions of the intestine can give all this as proven constipation * change in the environment * poorly healed pelvic injury * medications given to your pet for other ailments (such as antibiotics).