Banal Criticism Separate Feed

The system of food combining American nutritionist Herbert Shelton, sufficiently known, strictly regulates the compatibility and incompatibility of food. Settle such claims alleged unsuitability of the gastrointestinal tract of man to the simultaneous digestion of meat and fish proteins to polysaccharides of bakery products and cereals second dishes, and protein from dairy products proteins of plant origin. The vulnerability of the conclusions of Mr. Shelton's visible even in the non-specialist, as even an approximate consideration of this concept allows you to easily identify its superficial and ignorance supporters of the basics of food combining physiology of digestion. Their views dominate the mechanistic view. Here are the main arguments of modern nutritionists, raised against the concept of food combining.

1. In nature there is no pure proteins, fats or carbohydrates. Most foods contain several ingredients. Samsung is often quoted on this topic. Maybe it's someone seem surprising, but the meat, which is considered an important source of protein, the latter is less than a fifth. Fat in it is much more than protein. In cereals a lot of carbohydrates, but quite a few proteins. So it's hard to bring the body from food proteins or carbohydrates in its pure form.

Therefore, whether we like it or not want, but during the meal in the stomach at the same time coming, and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates. 2. Digestion and absorption of food takes place largely in the stomach and the intestine. Digestive juices contain a set of different enzymes and are ready to digestion of a multicomponent food. Simultaneous entry into the blood amino acids, fatty acids and glucose facilitates, and in many cases makes it possible to own synthesis of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Of course, the mixed diet digested longer. But for this organism and appropriate and acceptable, and optimally, since has grown deep substances enter the blood gradually. Where separate feeding some dietary factors, such as glucose into the blood quickly and in large quantities, which complicates the process of digestion, contributes to overloading of enzyme systems responsible for this process. (The attack on the pancreas!) Finally, the food in the stomach is delayed by at least several hours. So the plus-minus 30 minutes, no significance, no matter whether you eat protein first, and at the end of dinner, carbohydrates, or it was done the opposite. That being said, within experimental error. In the stomach, under the influence of peristalsis all content – and the food and gastric juice – thoroughly mixed and digested it will only proteins. In a short time in the acidic environment of the stomach can not start rotting carbohydrates, especially since decay does not occur in acidic and in alkaline medium. In such an environment can not be destroyed and pepsin. On the contrary, pepsin better 'work' is in an acidic environment, while its alkaline reaction activity decreases dramatically. It is well known how much more difficult to digest protein foods in the stomach in people with low acidity of gastric juice. Medicine is not confirmed the feasibility of the recommendations of Mr. Shelton: – at the same time use only starchy and sugary foods and eat melon necessarily separate from any other food – in the morning eat fruit and cream, yogurt or sour cream, afternoon meal, rich in starch, and the evening meat, fish and other containing protein foods – avoid desserts, along with vitamins in pills to treat not only as a commercial venture pharmacists.