Back Health Day In Poing Germany

On March 15 from 9:00 in the therapy & Training Center Baumann in Poing with interesting lectures the therapy & Training Centre in Poing Baumann organized the day of back health on March 15, 2017 at 9:00 “. In addition to lectures on neck and lumbar spine and the knee with Daniel Weichelt, physiotherapist, pharmacist Josef wood Hay Riedel about the protein, the building block of life, will speak. Ralf Baumann and his team would like to invite all interested parties to the day of back health on March 15 in Poing. Physical therapist Daniel Weichelt and pharmacist Josef wood Hay Riedel are an or known to others may already from previous lectures in the therapy & Training Center Baumann. The lectures by Daniel Weichelt held both mornings and dinner so that professionals and preoccupied in any case can participate. The participation is free of charge.

Physical therapist Daniel Weichelt discusses findings on the topic of spine and knee and their therapy and treatment options. How is that Physiotherapists in 2003 and Baumann is employed since 2010 in the therapy & Training Center. His State examination he successfully completed his 2006 on the medical vocational school Bad Elster. In the first years of his professional career, he gained experience with patient of Orthopedic/Surgical focus. He formed continue inter alia in the areas of medical training therapy/fitness, manual therapy, lymphatic drainage and TMJ therapy (CMD). Due to his enthusiasm, to treat the people, he studied part-time at the German Training Institute of osteopathy (DFO) to the osteopath 2010.

Josef wood Hay Riedel is the owner of St. George pharmacy in Poing. Already in second generation he deploys his expertise and his diverse experience in the pharmaceutical and sporting area for the benefit of its customers. He sees itself as an intermediary between doctor, patient and drug therapy. His special focus is on the prophylaxis (prevention).