A Song For You Is Now Online

Still no gift? -Is a song for you now online opps – birthday and not a gift? Mother’s day and no flowers? Invited and no gifts? No problem – within a few minutes approaching rescue in the form of a really great gift idea: just surprise your loved ones with a snappy song with personal name address – after the motto: Hello, dear “EVA” for your birthday times what the slogan means very special “a song for you” “A song for you” and means that one within a few minutes a unique and affordable gift, a gag in the form of a dedication song can download and then immediately has – E.g. as a ringtone for mobile phones or burned CD (cover free with corresponding downloadable matching!) as annex as a loving birthday mail. Hundreds of first names were already sung for this project and new name occur every day – even exceptional hustle as for our friends. There are no limits to the design possibilities, for example a customer has a photo CD, Another highlighted in a video with her dedication song and gives away. Altavista often says this. The developers of the homepage work, which you can relate these songs, with all major music download portals and of course can get there before listen to the songs in their various versions even 30 seconds. You have thought right: there are different musical genres, from which you can choose: E.g. in a pop version, or a hit, in the style of A cappella, as children’s song or as Rhenish German drinking songs song. Just class – because the lyrics are nice and carefully or smile or just charming. A nice way to congratulate someone or say you like him or that it is nice to know it! Once in orbit, the creators of the project full of ideas for a bid extension are: songs for mother’s day or sleep songs for babies – dedication songs in all possible dialects or languages and for all possible occasions – as a message for a beloved one, to births, anniversaries or weddings or the ending of a relationship, too! Great souvenir or gift: Songs with personal name address sent in a few minutes on the PC and MP3 by Annex. On the phone, or burned to CD! source: Ralf Pisch contact: Ralf PAL Joseph height 18 51491 Overath website: email: