Sabine Prohaska

New book of the Vienna coach trainer Sabine Prohaska deals with the various facets of the profession of coach. “Successful in training: practice manual for trainers, teachers and lecturers” so is the title of a book, the Sabine Prohaska, proprietor of the Viennese training and consultancy seminar consult prohaska, has issued. That book in the BoD Verlag, Norderstedt (D), and knowledge are other people men and women who work regularly face the challenge, give practical advice, how they target design for example seminars; Furthermore as they find a wire to the participants. They will also learn how to market themselves and their services as a coach can. The 108-page book is divided into eight chapters dealing with different aspects of the trainer, faculty – and officer professional. So example Sabine Prohaska, whose taking, trains also trainer and coach, describes what features characterize the work of a coach and a good coach of a rather distinguishes mediocre. In another chapter, she sits down with the subject of learning in groups”apart. Another chapter deals with the topic of seminar planning and design “.

“The issues of presentation and moderation are also intense in the manual”, as well as conflict management “treated. Also, the issues of gender mainstreaming”and diversity management” are dedicated to two chapters. Also explains how coach successfully market themselves and their services. The practice guide successfully in training “(ISBN: 978-3-8391-1355-4) 14.80 euros. It can be ordered except in bookstores also at seminar consult prohaska, Vienna, (Tel.: + 43-664-3851767;) Email:).

Mushroom Benefits

About paths, where the topsoil is damaged and stir mushrooms growing more than far from roads. Frequent visits to mushroom beds, utaptyvanie and seal the surface layer of soil near the cities not only leads to a reduction, but also to complete disappearance of the fungi. After the burning of firewood and wood residues on forest plots longer appears lubricator, belyanok and other fungi. Loosening the soil, violating the integrity of threads of mycelium often leads not to reduce the number of fungi and to grow. Clearings, prepared for planting mushrooms is more than pristine areas. Damage and rupture of the mycelium are the appearance of mushrooms. What a way to select all the same? Presumably, the collection volnushek let's remain unchanged, that is to pluck only the cap. But tear the mushrooms with the ground, yet it is not necessary.

Need mushroom cut with a knife as low as possible to balance a large root does not rot and does not harm mycelium. Here, too, of course, has its own meaning. Above all, do not forget – should care of nature and especially to such wealth, like mushrooms. When collecting mushrooms should be guided by the following rules: Thou shalt not take mushroom infancy, in the basket did not increase, but after two or three days it will mushroom "in time", it will be nice and put in the basket, take the best mushroom, undercutting at the base of his feet, but not tearing off moss, which leads to drying the mycelium and the formation of bald patches, suspicious that might be harmful to health, avoid, taken fungus luggage in the basket, ridding it of litter: needles, leaves, earth, for the same reasons, collected mushrooms as soon as possible to let the processing: drying, salting, marinating, take mushrooms, which are well know as an edible, delicate, fragile mushrooms (russula, , etc.) during training camp if possible, keep separate from the large, Heavy fungi take mushroom "at the time, healthy – no signs of rot and wormholes, but not overripe, flabby, as in rapidly accumulate toxic, dangerous to the person of substance, if not familiar with the fungus and do not take it, then do not trampling: maybe it will take another amateur mushroom;.

Successful Traderrs

Many successful traders have come to market, making a career in another field. However, achieving success in the market is very different from other professional fields. Market in no hurry to encourage the personality traits that welcome in other professions. Features of your character can make you the first in the world, but not the first on the market. Then you have to become a successful trader will probably have to work on changing some of these features.

Let’s look at some of the traits are not conducive to trade. Take, for example, conformism. Climbing the stairs career ladder, it is vital to be able to feel how you fit in organization. Need to feel exactly which direction to choose leaders for the company, regardless of whether you agree with this direction or not. Conformism often preferred independence. If you worked in team, you are probably familiar to anyone that does not like people are constantly questioning the decision of the group, promoting their own ideas through the group. But in trading conformism – more disadvantage than advantage. In Ideally, traders should look for definitive answers only to himself.

They do not rely on the opinions of others, question the prevailing opinion and constantly trying to find a new trading plan before the others to win the crowd, and not follow. On conformism connected sociability. In many professions people are working in tandem with each other. They should work in parallel with others, to feel their needs, and sometimes yield to the needs of others own. Successful traders, by contrast, are bright individualists. A trader must make independent decisions and to find the correct answer, they should look inside yourself. He wants to spend more time analyzing markets and preparing the transaction alone, rather than spend time in communion with others. Traders should find the right balance between meeting the needs of social communication and the allocation of time, own to focus on a passion for trading. Traders – creative people who take risks for themselves, independently minded and able to focus on problems of trading, taking innovative decisions. Creative potential requires independent thinking and removal from society. In many professions such traits are not welcomed, so that you may not have developed these qualities. But if you are trading full time, it is useful to develop Some of these traits. You do not have to completely change their personality, but be aware that some of the qualities that help to move forward in other areas, will not help you become a trader.

Virtuous People

Men who have tried with all their mights to keep virtue in their souls have won the strongest temperance of all the centuries. For the simple reason that scientific progress allows us to have at our fingertips any desire of our souls. There is no desire to move away to areas of failure as all are summarized in our last word. And we must not blame science. But the man who does not live under the laws of justice. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2007 By understanding and being guided by reason it seems unclear to some materialistically thinking people.

Since comparing the human species, with species of animals is strongly down the lower end of reality. This class of languages generated by collisions with the reality of things and wrong interpretations that deviate from the logic unnecessarily. This exhibition will carry out, seem to be the most naive of all possible made until today. But if we analyze their causes seriously, the arguments on their own light shine upon the ground that creates the right. Let’s get down to business. “Man is the animal of heaven.”

Animal because I am the creator of the dust of the earth. And since the creator celestial breath the breath of life into his nostrils. This is why animal: the body tends to imitate the perceptions of the physical senses, because our senses are welcome to expand on the satisfaction of our lust. Some of our desires when satisfied cause adverse health effects and harmony of the body.


The therapy has a wide variety of applications since it is the person as a functional whole, demonstrating that what appear to be different diseases, they are essentially the result of a same imbalance.Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a holistic approach to the human being, by proposing a vision of man in its entirety in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Therefore, is also suitable as part of a work for personal development, since its objective is the favour awareness of the vital process, helping us to transcend life experiences not assimilated or undigested. It is a deep and soft manual therapy that regulates the different systems of the body, leading them to a balance. It accompanies any physical or psychological process. This therapy is suitable as a part of a work of personal development that promotes awareness of the vital process itself. -Tension muscle-pain espalda-Dolores in joints or head huesos-Dolores or Migranas-dolores of Oidos-cansancio of ojos-Alteraciones in the temporo-mandibular-sequels articulation of accident, physical trauma – balances the nervous system – balances the digestive system – open system cardio-respiratory-trauma emotional-stress-anxiety-depression, anxiety, insomnio-Hiperactividad – fibromyalgia. Energy the energy flow is in constant state of flux. Each of us is an energy system that when it crashes or stopped, creates a zone of inertia in the body, preventing it from flowing throughout the body, and not letting the breath of life is expressed with all his power.Before a lock of power, we can:-encapsulate it or lock it further, crystallising our guidelines.(Unconscious) – forcing it, direct it without respecting its natural process, blocking it by saturation.(Aware) – open space, leaving our intelligence to be manifest and very it.The art of creating a biodynamic craniosacral therapy space is the art of learning to create that space. Hence, our mind/body stilled going to States of greater relaxation and consciousness that allows us to observe how the intelligence takes energy. And it happens that many times we are surprised with leaps, new approaches and Transpersonal experiences, but mostly that life arises.In its more subtle aspect, biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a journey that is made in the company, and which facilitates the disclosure of the original health which underlies all pathology. Mike Boxh for more information see: original author and source of the article.

Organizational Learning

In relation to other theoretical and philosophical underpinning of Organizational Learning theory, Nonaka and Takeuchi argue that the Asian intellectual tradition, specifically in Japan, there is an important philosophical current has been widely disseminated, nor has it described any systematic way. Thus they argue, it is very difficult to find a single trace of Cartesian rationalism in Japanese thinking. But if there is a Japanese ideal of knowledge, which integrates the teachings of Buddhism, Confucianism, and the major Western philosophical. Also, have three distinctive features of Japanese intellectual tradition: human unity – nature, the unit mind – body, and the unity of self and others.

a) The unit . human nature is referred to the taste of human beings by nature, the notion of the beauty of change and transition. In this tradition, is given the name of emotional naturalism. b) The unit mind – body: it places emphasis on all human personality. For the Japanese, knowledge means wisdom gained from the perspective of personality as a whole. c) Unit self and others: it is an organic world view which gives more importance to the subjective and intuitive intelligence, perspective Japan is tactile and interpersonal For Nonaka and Takeuchi (1999), the vision of organizational learning is closely linked to knowledge management in organizations. Accordingly, the Organizational Learning is related to the organizational process through which the knowledge of an individual may be shared, evaluated and integrated with the others in the organization “(p. 63). Organisational Learning is identified with the process to convert individual knowledge, the knowledge shared by all members of the organization.

WebSphere Commerce

Complete E-Commerce and online marketing solutions by IBM are online shop solutions in today’s time for retailers to think, because the there sales rise for years. But more and more so-called complete solutions by shop operators “required, additionally covering the topics of marketing and Web Analytics. The BLUETRADE E-commerce software & Marketing GmbH”based in Cologne and Dortmund has specialized in solutions for this reason individually designed E-Commerce, the focus is on IBM’s comprehensive product portfolio. The proprietary enterprise software WebSphere Commerce is a American software companies IBM famously”world’s very successful years and occupies the position of the market leader currently even in the segments of E-commerce. This shop solution with the ability multi-faceted business individually to implement measures large and small businesses.

A modern technical architecture ensure optimal scalability and high availability can here be achieved. Also extremely powerful modules for merchandising, catalog management and analysis are integrated. Also the IBM product line offers some interesting external extensions and additional software tools with direct interface WebSphere. Just the topics of Web Analytics, OnSite optimization and online marketing are closely linked in connection with online trading. CoreMetrics for this purpose “, developed a comprehensive tool which covers the entire service portfolio around the area of marketing optimization. Here are the features Web Analytics, bid management, ROI monitoring for social media and benchmarking in the foreground. With CoreMetrics’, companies can increase the value of every customer interaction and reach so sales and enhanced customer loyalty.

Also, Unica campaign comes from the comprehensive IBM family”, a special marketing software an integrated approach for online and offline marketing and cross channel marketing measures pursued. Therefore, marketing departments are extensive and channel-independent marketing strategies develop, execute, and analyze. In addition, recognizes this IBM product the best possible measurability and plays an important role in determining the best possible interaction with the target groups and customers. In conjunction with WebSphere Commerce, companies can easily control to international campaigns and manage. Interesting is that there is little service providers in Europe providing for these tools training or implementation work. It should be noted, that IBM WebSphere offers a variety of interesting Web solutions in General. BLUETRADE E-commerce software & Marketing GmbH has specialized as a service provider to the entire range of IBM WebSphere and offers this comprehensive advice. Of course, it is not only the technical implementation in focus, but also design and design in the front end and individual interface programming.

Meaningful Eye

Any intelligent person will say exactly what is meant by contact lenses: an accessory for a solution of aesthetic problems and improve vision. Explaining in simple terms, the lenses for the eyes can be worn for glamorous, it's usually colored lenses, and to improve vision. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. It should be noted that in any case, to find the right contact lenses must pass a list of medical examinations. Click Robotics to learn more. In any case, it concerns man the first time the contact lenses. The survey is important to perform in the clinic: in this case reveals the health of the cornea (the reason that medical lenses every day in contact with the cornea, it turns out this aspect is very important), then an expert examines the state of the front of the patient's eye. Be sure to properly study the radius of curvature of the cornea.

And, obviously, your visual acuity is set to contact lenses were in truth and good advice. Today ocular lenses are made of soft polymer technology that allows you to make contact lenses are not bringing discomfort during the operation. Contact lenses in most cases even dress for the first time without the slightest difficulty. After making eye lens to try on for the first time, in order to test the improved vision, comfort and other features. If you want to buy contact lenses as early as next time, it will often be enough to try on, because the main parameters of ophthalmic lenses in your situation is already there. Correct to the consumer over and over again to acquire Medical lenses in the proven point of sale – just so you can not doubt the quality of the acquisition. It should be noted, such a solution makes it possible to take into account any particular structure of the eye, accuracy, and the rest of – Meaningful information remains in the card purchaser. Contact lenses are divided and have color vision and corrective, but also to those that provide for continued use and those that are recommended worn only a few days, more lenses can be divided into soft and hard.

Hard contact lenses typically allow for multi-day period of service, in order to use lenses constantly, be sure to have some experience operation of such lenses. For customers that only master the use of lenses, it is best to use soft ocular lens. In addition to comfortable, soft lenses and in addition is easier to remove and refit. Since ocular lenses in our time – a very popular means of correcting vision, then find a suitable store contact lenses not be easy. A huge number of companies with well-known names makes eye lenses with a variety of settings both in direct medical appointments, and by the features and sensitivity of the eye. For the first time getting a permit to carry the eye lens, a must-do examined by a doctor, then it is sufficient to simply implement the recommendations of the ophthalmologist and the manufacturer of contact lenses.


Pledge successful company operating in the food industry are edibility of products, product quality, and most importantly for consumers – is security. Disinfectants, or rather the correct their choice, ensure observance of sanitary and epidemiological norms for the smooth functioning of production and safety products. Binding technological stage is disinfection and washing. These two stages are closely linked. Detergents are used to remove impurities of chemical origin. With proper as washing removes virtually all contaminants, and even bacteria. Follow-up disinfection, with the help of properly selected appropriate means of increasing the so-called purity of up to 99,999%.

Disinfectants should be used for disinfection of various surfaces and, consequently, to prevent the ingress of microbes in food. A very important step is the selection of suitable disinfectants. To achieve the greatest effect, pay attention to the spectrum of antimicrobial effects of the drug. Disinfectants give the desired result with the correct selection and application, in case of compliance with recommended conditions and proportions. Taking into account the epidemiological situation and conditions production. Using a more serious, professional tools require more detailed instructions, prepared by a manufacturer for each individual case. Moreover, the use of disinfectants funds regulated by legislation at all levels. When selecting disinfectants should take into account parameters such as: * the speed and versatility of the impact against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores, * low toxicity * high level of activity and save it for a long period of time; * sparing effect on the work surface; * a good level of solubility in water; * the possibility of aerosol and steam use.

Diets Yoyo

Millions of people are desperate to lose weight and do anything to lose a few kilos, which normally implies a vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight, also known as the yo-yo diets. While diet can make you to lose some pounds in the beginning, once you leave the diet and go back to your old eating habits, all the weight you lose is likely to return, and sometimes even could be completed by weighing more than what spurt before. Yo-Yo diets has many potentially negative effects: 1. any nutritional deficiency is the diet that you try, is likely that it will be restrictive in one form or another. Diets, require eating less calories than your body needs to operate, or restricted to certain foods or food types. The minimum number of calories your body needs to function every day can vary from person to person, but it’s usually advisable to not go below 1,200 calories per day. 2 Changes in the metabolism if you are taking fewer calories your body needs to operate properly, then your metabolic rate will decrease. Your body, basically goes into starvation mode, and will not burn as many calories. Angel investor spoke with conviction.

Your body burns calories for energy, but if you are not taking enough power, your body is metabolized more slowly and eventually reaches an impasse. 3 Weight gain diets yoyo yoyo diets actually cause weight gain. This is due to that the diets tend to be followed by a very short period of time, and once people lose weight simply let the diet. Once the diet has stopped, and you are still with your old eating habits, only weight will return. 4 Damage to vital organs if your body is not getting the nutrition it needs, you can create problems for the heart, kidneys, brain and liver. Your body needs a certain amount of calories, and if you are not eating enough, you can cause damage to your vital organs.

These bodies receive energy from carbohydrates, but if the diet you’re watching is very restrictive, actually can damage vital organs of your body that could lead to a stroke. 5. Negative psychological effects in the diets yoyo since Yo-Yo diets, basically, consist of several ups and downs, the people who make diet frustrated everytime they win all the weight lost. This can lead to feelings of anger, frustration and, finally, could lead to depression and other mental illnesses. Some studies have also shown that yo-yo dieting may weaken the immune system. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that those making diet Yo-Yo had a fluctuation in weight. Yo-Yo diets can create nutritional deficiencies, cause unwanted changes in your metabolism which in turn cause damage to vital organs, and in fact cause weight gain. The best way to lose weight is done gradually with consumption of healthy food and exercise regularly. Your diet does not have to be restrictive to Miss weight. Your body needs carbohydrates, proteins and fats to function properly, so it is really best to avoid the yo-yo diets and follow a healthy, balanced diet. Visit this article: what is the Gabriel method to lose weight?